Robert Pikin Quiroga

Erect a Statue

We have undertaken an effort to recognize by statue memorial Robert "Pikin" Quiroga for giving The City San Antonio global recognition in the Sport of Boxing.

It is vital we memorialize sports heroes in City of San Antonio, because they are extremely influential on the community. Their impact goes beyond the sports arena. It reaches all people, starting with the young children who aspire to become like their heros.

Citizens like Robert "Pikin" Quiroga who have reached sports legend status must be recognized for their great achievements. This recognition allows our youth the opportunity to know they can accomplish anything if they have determination, passion, and drive towards their dreams.

For this reason we are proposing the City of San Antonio memorialize Robert "Pikin" Quiroga by placing a life-sized statue at Woodlawn Lake. Woodlawn Lake holds many memories for the westside community, because that is where Robert trained to prepare for his legendary boxing career.

Robert's boxing career included the following accomplishments:

We will be focusing fundraising efforts on the statue. Please stay tuned for details and your opportunity to chip in.

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